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by Jul 19, 2020

I’m pretty much like a kid passing an Ice cream shop when I see a quant little floral shop, they always get my attention.   

You see it’s not always about going in and grabbing what you need . Of course we want our flowers to be top notch quality and worth the money.  But the experience I want is to be priceless and unforgettable. 

Some of my absolute favorites are french floral shops,there is something magical about them not to be found elsewhere. There is a whole art and culture surrounding the buying and selling of flowers in France.  

Today I’m going back to a specific Ice Cream shop in Texas that I renovated into a French inspired  floral shop.   

Sharing photos to give you a virtual experience.  I hope my virtual tour is as priceless and unforgettable as if you had walked in to visit.   

Here we are in your typical Texas ice-cream shop . Standing here my mind sees stone walls, wood beam ceilings giving warmth, tile floors that tell of an era and shutters in shades of Bleu de France. 

Pictured are my visions in action.  

Vases starting to fill the shelves in the back design room.  

Now to unpack merchandise and create displays and designs.   

When you walk in (it’s hard to resist such an invitation), the shop itself is a work of art, with antique furniture, beautiful painted tile floors, vintage mirrors. Full of wonderful, extravagant arrangements of every conceivable flower, blossom, bloom and foliage mixed with branches, moss, and vegetation of all kinds.  

The smell of fresh florals is ever so calming.

Shop assistants are busy choosing, clipping, wrapping and tying perfect bunches and bouquets of flowers for customers who have an air of knowing exactly what they’re looking for and conscious of the fact that they are getting the very best.

I really miss the old way of shopping before COVID.  I hope it’s only a matter of time that we can once again experience mom and pop boutique shopping. 

Online shopping has its upside but the downside is missing out on the experience of touching, smelling, and seeing .  

Be well,

Stormie Taggart

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